According to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, Chapter II Master and Bridge Section Standards, Table A-II/1 is established as the minimum required knowledge, understanding and proficiency: “English language. Adequate knowledge of English by the officer to enable him to use charts and other nautical publications, to understand weather information and messages relating to safety and ship operation, and to express himself clearly in the course of communications with other ships, shore stations and VTS centres, and to perform the duties of a multilingual crew, and to be able to understand and use the IMO standard phrases for maritime communications”.

Crew Kaizen English Test le he will serve as a method of demonstrating competence as set out in the treaty.

Specialized Examination


    At the basic level of English we will evaluate the identification, understanding and use of vocabulary and short expressions, as well as the identification, understanding and use of present simple and present progressive verb tenses, as well as other linguistic elements.


    The identification, understanding and use of varied and slightly more complex terminology and expressions will be evaluated, as well as the identification, understanding and use of present simple verb tenses, past simple verb tenses, auxiliaries and other linguistic elements.


    The identification, understanding and use of varied and complex terminology and expressions oriented towards the maritime context will be evaluated. Regarding the grammatical aspect of the language, the identification, understanding and use of verb tenses in all their forms will be evaluated.

Maritime English

  • Maritime Terminology

    Our English tests do not only evaluate the knowledge of the language, but also include the terminology used within ships, ports and companies related to the maritime sector.

  • Division by Rank

    Each of our examinations is designed for each range within a vessel following the parameters of the STCW Convention.

  • Qualification

    Each exam has 100 questions and the score is based on a percentage of the correct questions.

  • Diversity of Questions

    We feature 10 question types, which make our exams not monotonous, including audio, video, image and interactive text questions.

Our Team

Prof. Freddy Carreño

  • PhD. Education.
  • MSc. Education.
  • Specialist in Education.
  • Modern Languages - English.
  • Over 20 years of experience.

Prof. Cesar Rivas

  • MSc. Education - ICT
  • MSc. in English Teaching.
  • Bachelor in Education.
  • Over 15 years of experience.

Prof. Crescencio Marotta

  • MSc. in English Teaching & Education .
  • Educational Planning and Evaluation Specialist.
  • Foreign Language - English Professor.
  • Over 20 years of experience.

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