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Crew Kaizen is an ON-LINE MARITIME EVALUATION platform developed by CONSEMAR GROUP, C.A. Our platform serves to evaluate the qualifications of seafarers. In addition to determining the specific training needs of the knowledge areas defined in the STCW. The International Safety Management Code Section 6 Resources and Personnel, requires us to ensure that ships are crewed by qualified and competent seafarers, Crew Kaizen comes to provide all shipowners and all the actors in the shipping business with a recruitment tool that allows them to verify the competencies set out in the international convention on standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers. Crew Kaizen has developed a specialized English assessment system adapted to the needs and vocabulary required to crew a merchant ship or be part of port operations. In this way for the companies’ SGS there is objective evidence of the crew members’ ability to communicate in English before embarking.

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Our platform is designed to be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year automatically from any computer. No external programs are required. You only need a stable Internet connection and headphones to attend any of our exams.
Crew Kaizen seeks to facilitate the process of competence evaluation for both companies and crew members.

Authorised Centres

Crew its clients authorized centers where crewmembers can take evaluations in a controlled environment. Controlled assessment is the examination that is offered in an environment supervised by a designated officer.
The Designated Official is the one who is dedicated to verify and validate the identity of the crew member at the time of taking the evaluation. The Designated Official ensures the integrity of the process and certifies that the crew member took the test without the support of external tools.
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bulk orders

Crew Kaizen offers its customers the possibility to save money when buying in bulk. We offer discounts on volume orders depending on the number of evaluations you want. For this you can contact us at
A bulk order can be placed for shipping companies, crew placement agencies, port operators and any interested party who would like to immerse their staff in an on-line evaluation system to measure the skills of their human resources.

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